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Thursday, 17 January 2013


Many writers write because others are writing, because of the love poured on those that have their writing published, because of the money made from writing, because they are bored and have nothing to do then decide to go into writing, because they think they know how to juxtapose words, because they can afford a pen and a paper to write or they simply write to belong.

Writing is an art and not science,  writing is general not personal, writing is a talent and not stolen or bought, writing is in born and not adopted; writing is natural not artificial.  Writing is a language.  So if you force yourself to write because of the words in the first paragraph, you are living a life of illusion and likely to crash along in the art.

Why do people proudly call themselves writers, simply because they love to write?  It’s their talent.   And as a writer I believe you should know the essential basics of writing.  You should also know the use of grammar, typos, and the use of tenses, the use of dialogue, figure of speech and part of speech.
A writer who claim to be a writer and cannot use those writing words into his / her writing or understand those writing words is nothing but a learner, a deceiver, a joker, not a writer, a conjuror and such writer should have a rethink and retrace his/her goal before his/her future stand castrated.
A learner because you’re still learning how to write, a deceiver because you are deceiving people and yourself thinking that you are a writer, a joker  because you are not serious, not a writer because you are not a writer you are only write, and a conjuror same as deceiver because you are deceiving yourself.

When other writers add comments and correction to your writing, you as the writer does you take note of such corrections and make amends.  You as a writer do you understand what the correction the writers had said you should correct.  For instance, a writer said you should watch your typos; they’re too many of it in your writing.  You as the writer, do you understand what is typos.’  Or do you understand what is full stop before your quotation mark.  Can you differentiate the punctuation marks and where to use it?  Do you understand the different between grammatical errors and spelling errors?  Do you understand the too many use of present tenses and avoid it when writing about a past event.  What about the figure of speech, the metaphors, similes, personification, irony, etc.
So writers improve on your writing; don’t be a fool writing.  Take note of corrections, work on them and ask questions on words you don’t understand.  Don’t be shy that people will laugh at you when you ask, that they will think you have a dull brain.  Yes, let them think so but you now what you are doing.
My people will say: The one that ask question never misses route and can never be lost nor misled.  When you ask questions, it will only make you better and help improve your writing.

Writers should also try and attend writing schools and writing workshops in order to improve their writing.  You have talent in writing cannot only help you; you also need training to improve on good use of writing words.  Join writer’s community and take advantage of the writing corrections.  It will only make you and me a better writer.
One love.
My name is Ifeanyi but my friends call me Ifeco.  Follow @ AlloyTwitte on twitter

Friday, 11 January 2013


Sometime when I look at the life of some authors, I asked myself do I really want to become one. Though it’s my passion what I love to do but simply because the life of some few authors are no life.
They live a life of penury – struggling to survive under the heat of the earth.
Passion does not mean you should die of hunger neither live on food fallen from the table of the master like dogs nor did if mean to put on tattered clothes, rags and wallow on the streets.
Fine, I love this thing, I love to do this, and I have a passion for this thing.  But that shouldn’t mean I should live in slum and squalid house for my passion.
There’s great joy to make money from what you love doing.  To live a good life is the dream of men neglect of your passion.  And when you live a good life because of what you love to do it’s a double joy.  Believe me, everyone on this earth wants to make money not only authors.  Neglect what person says: I’m doing what I do because of passion because I love it.  Truth, but the main basis of doing that thing is because you want to make money out of it.
Everything worth doing is what doing well.  The business side of your talent, your dream, your ambition should also come along the passion.  Every author wants to make money from his books.  An author’s book is dead without the audience, the readers.  They buy the book to put money in their pocket.  Your book is lovely.  Your write well. congratulation.  Your book is very interesting.  I love you.  You’re the best.  Good.  Those compliments are welcomed but one question the author will ask is: ‘Am I making money from my book?”
What become of your bank account after writing that great book which might have took you years to write.  I tell people that writing a book is the most intellectual art when if comes to creativity.  Your thought as an author is so deep.  Kudos to writers aspiring to become an author and to authors who had been published.
Writing takes your time, efforts and brain.  You glue yourself to that computer screen or on paper writing that manuscript, thinking of those metaphors, words, comparison to polish your writing all in one spot.  Sometimes you get stuck and it looks as if your brain is miscalculating.  The words ran out of your memory and you try hard to recollect them.  So writing is tough and so authors need to be more celebrated and appreciated in our society.
I ask myself can I make a living from being an author. I spend all my years writing and publishing a book; I put them out in bookshops and stores only to go back and still find my book unsold.  Covered with dust and maybe half eaten by the store companion the rats.
For crying out loud authors are been neglected in the society. The individual, corporate bodies and the government.  Authors are celebrities and should be treated and seen as one.  It’s painful that you are called an author yet you’re live in mud.
Authors are creative people, celebrities and they should be endorsed.
Endorsement should be given to authors just like the other celebrities, the musician, the actors and actresses.  Corporate bodies and companies should use authors for advertisement of their product.  They are not piece of crap that just erupts from the sky.  Authors are creative people even more just like other creative talents that sweeps away lots of endorsement.  Authors’ works are loved by people and the audience wants to be like them.  They are role model and motivator to hopeless life so why not also give them that endorsement.
Do not neglect authors of your brand, use them for promotion to advertise your product and celebrate them for their creativity.
Government should also support authors by adding story books into school syllabus each year for primary schools and novels for the secondary level.  That will put students knowledge about literature and make them want to read and also put food on the table of authors.  Parents should also support by buying story books for their children in ordered to support authors who are intellectually endowed with their intellectual property out on the streets.
Many writers who wants to come in and become authors have the fear of will I be able to make a living out of it owing to the castrated life of penury not better than a church mouse of authors.  Never blame them.  Everyone wants to earn a good living for what he / she do.  But if all this support is given to authors more talents will come into the field and that will increase different ways of telling our stories.
Give endorsement to authors, support them, and use them to promote your goods and services, use them for billboards because they are also part of our celebrities.