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Thursday, 28 November 2013


'WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER' is the title of my new novel, which will be out on 5th Dec, 2013 as an Ebook in online stores - Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble. It's a contemporary romance fiction that tells the story of love between Dianna, the daughter of wealthy woman, and a pool cleaner named Francis.
Dianna was cocky, hostile, proud, and snobbish. She lived a life where no dictates what she does, that is, she lived in her own world. Being the only child of her mother, she was pampered up till adulthood. She got everything she wanted. She loved to party, drink, smokes, and has sex with wealthy and handsome guys.
            Dianna didn’t believe in love until Francis turned her world around. From the onset, when she met Francis, and employed him to take care of her pool, she hated him. She was hostile to him, treated him like a slave. But in the end, she fell in love with him. When love took over, her life, her heart was taken over. She became crazily in love, and couldn’t control her emotion toward him. The more she tried to control her feelings, the more she kept falling deeply in love for him. Francis showed her the true meaning of love, the other side of love, and since afterward, Dianna was lost in him.
            Her mother was against their relationship. She tried everything she could to separate them, but instead, Dianna disown her mother than to stop loving Francis.

            Francis Dennis was an orphan. He dropped out of college when his father died of heart disease and began to look for something to do to earn a living. He learned a trade as a mechanic. While he was under training, he got a job as pool cleaner for one Ms. Dianna Cole.
            Dianna Cole was the only child of Mrs. Otunba Cole, a very wealthy woman well known in the local society. Her mother owned the biggest beverage company in the country. Due to her mother’s riches, Dianna was proud, self-centered, snobbish, and a skinflint. She had two best friends, Gertrude, a Mass Communication graduate, and Sophia, a barrister.
            When Dianna employed Francis as her pool cleaner, she mistreated him, corrected him for every fault, and was never satisfied with his services. Francis endured every harsh treatment from Dianna simply because he had a vision to pursue, and his working at the pool would only last a short while.
            Vanessa hated Dianna with a passion, and wanted revenge for what Dianna had done to her. One night, she paid Dianna a visit.  She stabbed Dianna, leaving her half dead on the marble floor.  After Vanessa left, Dianna crawled slowly through a pool of her own blood. She was writhing in pain. She cried for help, but no one could hear her choked whisper. Fortunately for her, Francis came back to work at the pool. He saw Dianna crawling to the door in great distress and soaked with blood.
            Shocked, Francis rushed to help her. He took her to the hospital. She lost so much blood that she needed a blood transfusion to survive. It was such an emergency; Francis donated his own blood to save her life.
            Dianna finally fell in love with Francis. They began to spend time together, playing the game of love and romance.
            Dianna’s mother was oblivious to their relationship until she caught them in bed in Dianna’s bedroom. Shock, confusion, and doubt crippled her senses. She called the cops, and they arrested Francis. Then, she placed Dianna under house arrest, froze Dianna’s account, and stopped her allowances.
            Dianna called her friends, and they came to plead with her mother on her behalf. Her mother forgave her on the condition that she would have nothing to do with Francis, and she promised. Mrs. Cole didn't know that her daughter had told a white lie in order to regain her freedom, and fight to vindicate her love.
The first thing Dianna did after her release was to free Francis from prison through the help of her friend, Barrister Sophia. Her friends accompanied her to the cell, where they found Francis in poor health.  He was rushed directly from the cell to the hospital. He had almost died inside the cell because he was badly tortured by the policemen who acted under the instruction of Mrs. Cole.
            Mrs. Cole found out about Francis's release, and she became very angry. She began to search for the barrister who was responsible for his release. She did not know that the barrister she sought was her own daughter's best friend. After what seemed to be a futile search, Mrs. Cole sued Francis so that whoever was responsible for his release would have to show up in court.
            Dianna was prepared to fight and vindicate her love in the court of law. The courtroom was filled with drama, suspense, betrayal, shock, hilarity, and love on the day of the proceedings.
The battle line was drawn between Dianna and her mother. Would Mrs. Cole succeed in making Francis spend the rest of his life in jail or would Dianna conquer her mother, and succeed in marrying Francis? Find Out.

Look out for an excerpt tomorrow.

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