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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Safer sex guidelines
34-yr US female asks:
After a man withdraws and then ejaculates is it
possible for his chick to get pregnant if he puts his
penis in after that?
Because, semen keeps coming drop by drop for some
time after ejaculation. And for several hours thereafter,
there will be some residual semen deep inside his
Can pregnancy occur even if Copper-T device is
My wife is having Copper-T and every month she gets
her period in 1st week of the month and today it is 12
days past the regular date. I have tested for pregnancy
and it came negative, but still we are worried since we
do not want children now and we have already have
one son. In the place where we live abortion is not
allowed. The last time it happened, we had to go all the
way to India to get an abortion done. If this has to
happen again please image my plight. Could you
advice us what to do? Your reply will be highly
Copper-T devices have negligible failures, if fitted
properly. In your wife’s case it could be just another
missed period. If the pregnancy test done was based on
a reliable kit and technique, you need not worry. In
about a few days she should menstruate normally. If
you are not sure of the test kit employed, go for
Pregcolor® or better still, an ELISA based kit. Once
pregnancy is ruled out, rest assured and wait for the
periods to start.
Can I get pregnant when I have sex and
I am on my period?
Usually not. But watch out! Occasionally bleeding
occurs at the middle of the cycle coinciding with the
release of egg. And many women mistake it for a
regular menstrual period. They run the risk of
unwanted pregnancy if they participate in unprotected
sexual intercourse around that day.
Family planning expert Prof. Guillebaud from London
says: 'Intercourse can be fertile almost any time during
the menstrual cycle, not excluding during the menses,
if the sperm survives for up to 7 days and ovulation
occurs early..'
Does underwear protect from pregnancy?
I was just wondering if I mess around with someone
and we both have underwear on and the guy cums, can
I get pregnant that way?
It is possible, if this event occurred around your
ovulation day, because
the pores within the undergarments are too big to
prevent the entry
of spermatozoa. The latter are too smart to stay idle.
They swim
across and reach the vaginal opening easily. Of course,
the chances
of pregnancy are much lower than when the semen is
deposited directly
inside or on the vagina, but the risk cannot be
Can a girl get pregnant by swallowing semen?
If a girl swallows cum...can she get pregnant? Please
answer this quickly.
Swallowing the semen does not make a woman
Pregnancy without going all the way?
Can I get pregnant without going all the way?
Petting (kissing, hugging, and caressing) does not
cause pregnancy. But
the chances of pregnancy are real, if there is genital
contact and
semen ejaculated on or near the vaginal opening, on a
day close
to ovulation. The spermatozoa have an amazing
capability to swim
their way up into the uterus through vagina.
Can I get pregnant from pre-cum?
Can I get pregnant from pre-cum? and how long should
I be worried about being pregnant if I dont have my
period for 2 weeks?
When a guy has that clear discharge stuff that comes
out before he cums? Well....can that make a girl
pregnant? I have heard it cann't and
I have heard it can.
Yes, it is possible to get pregnant from pre-cum (a
slang word for the
drops of pre-ejaculatory secretions that come out of the
penis in
response to sexual stimulation) as this may contain
sperms remaining
in the ducts following a previous ejaculation.
However, for pregnancy to occur in such a situation,
both the man and women should be highly fertile and
the exposure of that fluid to the female genitalia should
occur close to the ovulation day. You may wish to know
that there are recorded cases of women who became
pregnant this way.
If you have had a sexual encounter which you suspect
could lead to pregnancy, get tested as soon after 7
days from the ovulation day, as possible. There are
sensitive test kits such as those based on ELISA
principle, which can detect pregnancy at least a week
before your period is
due. And if you miss a period get tested within the next
week itself.
Can I get pregnant from anal sex?
Q: I am 18 and had anal sex with my boyfriend. I am
wondering if I could get pregnant from that. If I can, I
would like to know what the chances are. We are
generally careful to make sure when it comes back out
that it stays away from my vaginal opening. The only
time I could think that it could get near the opening is
when I am cleaning myself up afterwards. I missed my
period this last month, that is why I am so scared. I
have never had actual intercourse, that’s why I would
be destroyed if I got pregnant. I am really scared and
don’t know what to do. I am just looking for answers. A
response as soon as possible would be greatly
appreciated. I can’t sleep.
Please get tested for pregnancy. You can do the test
yourself with certain kits available in drug stores. Anal
sex too can cause pregnancy because the semen can
seep from the anus and spread up to and into the
vaginal canal. Even if you wipe it out you still run the
risk because the spermatozoa, invisible to naked eye,
are capable of swimming their way up to the vagina
through the moisture contact between vulva and anus.
Pre-cum touched the outside of vagina. Chances of
Q: Finally someone who can help me!!! Well recently
me and my girlfriend were fooling around and there is a
possibility that some pre-ejaculate may have touched
the outside of her vagina, it was during the time of her
period and I was just wondering if there is a possibility
of pregnancy. If so what are the odds?
Q: if there was a small amount of sperm on my hand,
and i inserted it into the girl's vagina a little time after
ejaculation, could she become pregnant?
Ans: Yes, if all other factors favour it.
He didn't go in all the way!
Q: i may sound stupid but i was wondering if i could get
pregnant by a guy if we had sex around the time of my
period. He didn't even go in all the way or get off like
squirt nething and we used a condom. it has been like
racking my head and i just wanna know if it is possible.
write back ASAP. thanx
You need not worry about chances of pregnancy
because your b/f has not ejaculated, he was wearing a
condom and it happenned to be your periods when you
had sex. With these three factors in operation, the odds
of pregnancy are practically nil.
But, please remember that, the penis not going all the
way into the vagina is no protection against pregnancy.
Similarly, sex during menses does not lead to
pregnancy, but there are circumstances when people
mistook the inter-menstrual bleeding for menses. The
former is associated with ovulation; sex during that
bleeding/spotting episode can lead to pregnancy.
unprotected sex but no fluids
Q: hi, i had sex the other day unprotected and what are
the chances of me being or getting pregnant if he said
he didn't release any fluids. Please answer. its really
Well, there is no way to tell that he has not released
ANY fluids. He could only say about release of semen.
But the pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum), which comes
out involuntarily, carries some spermatozoa and that
much chance of pregnancy. Unprotected sex always
carries a risk of pregnancy and STIs. Safety first, thrill
Masturbating with semen on hand
Q: My husband always likes to try new things when we
are in bed and that does not bother me but one of his
new things is... He likes to ejaculate in my hand and
watch me masturbate with that hand. He says that
once the sperm hits the air it dies and I cannot get
pregnant by doing this. Is this true?
No, the spermatozoa will be alive and swimming as
long as the film of semen is wet on your hands. If you
do not want pregnancy, avoid this technique, or apply a
spermicidal jelly to your hands and inside your vagina
before using your husband's new technique.
Condoms offer protection, but not fool-proof
Q: i am a 16 year old girl and want 2 know whether
there is any danger to me, my body and my growth if i
have sex with my boyfren. he is quite anxious to have
it. even i am ready 4 it but i am afraid of its
consequenses . he says that there is very little danger
of pregnancy if we use a condom .frankly telling u even
i would like 2 have sex if there is very little risk. my bf
says that iam more curious about it when we touch
each other & thats absolutely true .i am really curious
about sex.plz help me &tell me if i can have it now &
also provide me names of few sites which give good 1st
hand information about sex 2 1st timers thank you
very much urs faithfully . ts.
Ans: Sex always thrilled millions of youngsters like you,
but has left millions of young unmarried girls with
unwanted pregnancy, premarital motherhood, sexual
diseases including HIV, psychological and physical
trauma and social problems associated with all these.
All these unfortunate young people burnt their fingers
out of an overwhelming curiosity, irresistible
temptation, and lack of proper awareness about safer
sex. So please think twice before indulging in any sort
of sexual activity at this age. In any case learn more
about safer sex practices.
Condoms do offer protection against pregnancy but
they are not fool proof. There is a 10-30% risk of
pregnancy if the condom is not properly used - for ex.,
if it is worn in such a way making it easily prone to
rupture; if the penis is not withdrawn along with the
condom held firmly to the penis, soon after ejaculation
i.e., while the penis is still hard; if the same condom is
used repeatedly, or after the date of expiry, and so on.
(use condom properly to get best protection).
Condom was broken half way through
Q: I had sex last night with my boyfriend. we had only
been doing it for about 1 minute when we realized that
the condom was broken. he didn't ejaculate yet, but it
is possible to get pregnant from precum. After, he used
a spermicidally lubricated condom on his fingers and
inserted them into me. We did this twice. What else
should we do to avoid pregnancy? thankyou
These self help tricks don't always work because nature
has provided the spermatozoa with an amazing
capability of speeding their way into the womb and the
tubes. In persons whose fertility scores are very high
this alone can lead to pregnancy if the woman is
ovulating around the same time.
If you cannot avoid participating in sex at this time, you
may wish to combine two methods of contraception,
preferably a condom + some spermicidal jelly. The first
would protect you from sexually transmissible
infections, as well as unwanted pregnancy, and the
other acts as an additional protection against
conception, in case the condom fails.
Half inserted penis has cum on it.
I'm a 14 yr old female and i was wondering if a boy had
cum on his penis and he only stuck it in half way is
there a way to get pregnant?
Very well, yes! Please look at the answers above.
Pulling out is no good
i'm 18 and recently, 5 days before my period is
supposed to begin, my fiance and i were having sex. he
ejaculated in me, it was his first time. but now i'm
scared i could be pregnant, it is now 2 days before my
period is suposed to begin, but no sign of it. i've had
cramps for about a week, this never happens before my
period. i normally don't cramp until i start. we have a
very active sex life and don't always use protection, but
he normally pulls out. so are my chances of being
pregnant really big? should i get tested now or wait a
few days and see if i start? thanks!
Since you had unprotected sex 5 days before your
periods are due - and since your menstrual cycle is
regular and predictable - it is less likely that you
become pregnant from this sexual encounter. About a
week days before the due date are 'safe'.
About the other point you mentioned - "he normally
pulls out" - this is not totally safe, because his pre-
coital secretions (pre-cum) may contain a few sperms;
secondly, occasionally he may ejaculate even before he
could fully withdraw the penis. It's much better if you
could use Today vaginal suppositories (tablet-like
things), every time you participate in intercourse. You
have to insert one tablet deep into your vagina, for
every act of coitus.
Wiping doesn't help
My girlfriend and I were messing around and I came
two or three times. A few minutes later after wiping my
cum off my penis, I stuck it in for a few seconds, but
there was probably precum. She had her period almost
a week ago. What are the chances of her getting
pregnant? .......Please write back ASAP..... thanks a lot
Well, I am afraid you are giving terrible risk to your g/f..
What you presume is not pre-cum, it is the last few
drops of the cum itself. It contains several times more
spermatozoa than pre-cum, and since you have stuck
yours in, you are delivering these cunning swimmers
(spermatozoa) much nearer to their goal. And if all this
happens a few more days away from her day of
menstruation (approximately between 8th and 18th
day of her period) you have a fairly good chance of
making her pregnant. Your g/f certainly will not want
you to do this to her. Won't you think of using
condoms, please? To protect yourself.
How long should I wait before letting her take a
pregnancy test? Thanks again!
Ask her to take an ELISA based test a week before her
period is due. A less sensitive test can be taken as soon
as she misses the period.
Rubbing on the vagina but not ejaculating CAN cause
Please help me and write me back with an answer to
my question. Well, my boyfriend and I have never really
had sex but i have missed my period twice now and I
don't know what to think of this. From what I know of,
he hasn't ejaculated by my vagina. I am so worried that
I am pregnant even though there is a very slim chance I
am. Can you please tell me if him rubbing his penis by
my vagina but not ejaculating at all would cause me to
become pregnant. Also, i would like to know why i have
missed. Please write back because I am very nervous.
Thank You.
A: Occasionally a period may miss for reasons beyond
our comprehension. Stress and anxiety, fluctuations in
hormone balance, change in place (shifting from home
to hostel) change in dietary habits etc. are implicated.
As to your most worrying question - rubbing the penis
against vaginal orifice CAN cause pregnancy but VERY
RARELY. The reason is that the pre-cum contains a few
spermatozoa and in highly fertile couples these are
capable of penetrating into the vagina, the uterus and
the tubes and fertilize the egg, if one is waiting there.
All this will happen if the sexual activity took place
around the day of ovulation (egg release). The odds for
all these factors to synchronize are few, but no one can
predict. That is why safer sex practices are repeatedly
I expect that your period will show very soon.
Meanwhile, buy a do-it-yourself pregnancy kit, test your
urine sample for pregnancy and hopefully, sigh with a
relief. I trust you will be able protect yourself from
these avoidable worries hereafter.

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