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Monday, 17 December 2012


“It’s over, Chris! It’s over!” “Enough is enough! She replied through her sobs. “I know I’ve offended you.” “I tried all my best to make you realize how sorry I am.” “To make you come back to me. But it seems you do not love me anymore.” She wailed. Her tears like block of ice fell on the portrait. “You hate me,” “it is now clear.” “It’s over, Chris!” “It’s over!” Sophia smashed the portrait on the floor. The portrait was enclosed in a frame. Her face was rained in tears. She was done enduring for love. Her heart would no longer burn in heartbreak. The bruises had caused so much pain in her flesh. Her numerous attempts to make him come back again, drown in the mud. She mustered courage to pick up herself and let go the stab in her soul.
She bent towards the broken frame and picked up Chris picture. She tore it and cried loudly. What seemed like her last tears to her forgotten ex-lover.
A portrait she had always cherished. A portrait she wakes up every morning stole a look at it and allowed a smile on her lips. It hung’s at the edge of her bed besides her pillow. There was always an euphoria that moves through her body each time she looked at the portrait. It was like a crowd of butterflies in her belly, troubling her in a pleasant way. Her life depends on the portrait. She cherished it like a monkey and banana. She remembered how Cynthia her house mate would get jealous seeing the portrait hung on her bed, and she had warned her in a cheeky manner not to touch it. She cuddled the portrait around her chest sometimes.
          Her first Sex with Chris would always stick in her skull: the pleasures, the touches, kisses, fondling and finally the intercourse; almost took her brain off, an experience never to be forgotten. Though it became their last Sex, but something happens in one’s life once and it speaks forever.
          She rapped gently at the door, the kind Chris would notice. He opened the door and immediately gasped at her looks. She was putting on a red tank top that had a “Love Symbol” inscribed at the centre and a white jumper-short exposing her hot laps that would make a man salivate and allow semen drench the boxer. The laps were tempted to touch. Her lips were coloured with orange lip gloss, you would want to steal a kiss from. She wore pink bracelets and yellow fancy finger rings, standing on gladiator shoes and holding a pink hand bag.
          “Evening, my love.” She grinned and kissed her lips. She walked inside. Chris stood lost. He scanned her as she walked inside. He followed her and held her waist. His stare was stained with emotions. She trembled and wondered why the so much emotions revolving in his eyes.
          “Baby, I love you.” He softly whispered into her ears. He began to kiss her. She loved it. Her hand bag gently slipped down to the floor. She pressed down his head to connect perfectly with his lips which tasted like cream berry. Their lips interlocked. She loves to kiss and be kissed preferred it most than any other romantic words in the dictionary of romance. She kissed him so deeply as if her whole life depends on it. She opened her mouth to get erogenous pleasures. They sucked their mouth almost wanted to eat off their tongues.
          His right hand slid under her tank top and began stroking her body. He moved it from her stomach up her breast, sending strong shivers down her spine. She held her cheeks with her palms and continued to kiss him. She was lost in senses. All she wanted was sexual pleasure from her lover of One year. She loved every moment. It was the most exciting feeling she had ever experienced. They had both kissed copiously but this was the best ever. His hand found her Bra and fondled. It moved downwards and fondled her hollow abdomen.
          He kissed her until slowly she went down on the rug. He followed her and continued to kiss her. He pulled off her tank top, exposing her bra. He kissed her lightly feathery touch of his lips against her skin.
He carried her and placed her on top of the bed and began to unzip her Jumper shot. The door was left open as they rode on a horse into the land of ecstasy.
          Her Bra was off and she lay naked on Bed with only her white innocent pant. He fondled her erect nipples with his mouth. He moved his fingers down to her pants and slid it underneath the pant. He played with the black curly hairs on her pelvis and gently slid his fingers into her Vagina. She moaned and was wet in between her legs. He fondled the Vagina, her body jitters as if she was shocked by electricity.
          He pulled off her pant with her, removing her legs gently until the pant went off her waist, exposing her seductive Vagina. The hairs on her Pelvis were beautifully festooned on her genital organ. He quickly pulled of his pant trouser, his determined male organ erected on one side of his boxer. He pulled her legs towards himself and gently slid his dick into her bowel of paradise. She moaned loudly. Her fingers pinned tightly on the mattress. He rammed into her like a swing and finally gave a loud groan.
          Sophia walked on the tarred road. She was going to the salon. Her last hair was four days old; perhaps she wanted to look beautiful for Chris.
          As she was walking, an ash Toyota Camry car drove and pulled up at the other side of the road. A chocolate, tall, moderate guy came out of the car and screamed her name. She turned and saw the emotion killer, a gentle man but not a gentle soul. Who finds Joy sipping from the cup of emotional trauma others went through. He was dressed in a blue corduroy jeans and a red round neck. He also wore a gold semi-long chain that might have caused him a fortune and white snickers that had the logo of an Adidas. She sneered at him and walked on.
          Frank chased and pulled her hand, she angrily let go off her hand. The touch irritated her. The sticky, filthy and musty of his hand ran through her thought. Painting a face disdain, she stopped.
          “Are you sick?” “Who do hell are you to touch me?” she scowled. “Do I know you?” “Back out!”She moved on. The nice smell of his cologne disturbed her nose, but it smelled offensive and disgusting to her. That word “who do hell are you? Do I know you?” murdered his spirit and left his brain to streaks of thoughts. Shock and surprise knocked his skull – A lady, he dated for four good years would claim she knew him not. He suddenly turned a stranger in her face. Frank was her first lover before she met Chris.
          He quails behind her. He wanted to touch again to get her attention but her angry voice buried fear in him. He looked like a coward, wilting behind her as if he had a pain on his leg.
          “Please, let me explain.” He finally found a voice. “I know you are hurt and mad at me but please hear me out.” He softly spat.
          “What do you want to explain?” “What do you have to explain?” she snarled. “That you got to the state and become insane not to remember anyone and suddenly fall out of love.” “Ehh?” “Tell me!” her eyes widened, sending out threats. “All I need now is a breathing space.” She trudged on.
          “But just allow me to explain.” He said as he followed her. His words were hurting her ears. A bike pulled up after her wave and she was drove away out of sight. He stood humiliated and drowned in his stare.
          Sophia lay on the couch engrossed in a novel. She laughed to herself at the read of any hilarious moment in the novel.
Kpo Kpo Kpo
She heard a knock. She sat upright and focused her gazed at the door, painting a face of surprise.
She was expecting no one. Cynthia, her house mate had gone for lectures and will not be back till evening. She scanned her wall clock to found out the time. 10.30a.m the clock ticks. “No. Cynthia would not be coming home at this hour and Chris would not come without first calling. Who could that be?” She whispered to herself.
A knock again
          “Come inside the door is not locked.” She said. Her fingers dug in between the page where she stopped reading and focuses at the position of the door. Slowly, the door opened and Frank entered in a creepy manner. A smell of palpitation moved in his veins. Instantly, Sophia became dumb. She lost her tongue to speech. She couldn’t believe what stood at her front. She died in shock. He was the last human she expects to see in her house. She was confused by his temerity to walk into her house. To have located her house and still have the guts to walk inside is enough for her to be charged to court for murder case. Some one’s heart was racing breathing faster and that was Sophia.
 Silence roamed the house for about one minute before she finally broke the silence with exasperating questions.
“First of all, how did you locate my house?” “And what do you want, Frank?”
          “I want you.” He quickly knelt in front of her, holding her legs. Sophia opened her mouth dumb founded. “Sophia, I need you.” “My life had crashed without you. It had become an oven of fire burning my heart to ashes.” “A seed fallen on pebbles of thorn.” “My soul is hell without you.” he said through his sobs. A pang of tears clouded his vision, wanting to trickle down his face. Sophia felt attacked; she was not that emotional strong.
          “But what happened?”She managed to ask.
          “When I got to the state, I was blackmailed by my friend and the cops got me arrested for a crime I did not commit.” The tears began to pour out freely from his eye. “I spent one year and seven months behind bars.” “After I was released, I lost everything. I lost contact of everyone, my family, friend and you ….” His tears fell on her leg and on the floor. Sophia looked remorseful and guilty, she felt pity for him and she began to sob. “I became lonely, rejected and dejected; walking on the street and began looking for job to start all over again.” Tears began to stream down Sophia eyes “I begged to buy food.” “The other day I ran into…”
          “Shh…” Sophia interrupted him, placing her second right finger on his lips. “Its okay.” she softly said through her sobs. Rains of tears from both eyes flooded the sitting room.
          “Come here” She said stretching her hand to hug him. She pulled him up from his knelling position gently and made him sat beside her on the couch. She wrapped him. He buried his face on her breast; sobbing and she patted him like a child who had his mother singing a song of lullaby to make him stop crying and sleep.
          Unfortunately, Chris walked in. It was obvious; he did not called her of his coming. The door was left open when he came. He saw them enveloped each other like love bird. He saw Frank laying his head on the breast of his girlfriend. They didn’t notice his presence as Sophia also buried her face at his back, humming. For Thirty second Chris stood like a statue doubting his stare. Shock occupied his senses.
          “Sophia!" he shouted in agony.

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