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Friday, 17 August 2012


          Achi soup is the soup of Ezza   people. They go as long as eating off their tongue when it comes to Achi soup. Achi is a seed that grew from the Achi tree which grew beside the water coast. The seeds are brownish in colour. Achi soup is lovely, delicious and simple to prepare.
          It can be prepared with any kind of eatable vegetable but the people of Ezza preferred the garden egg vegetable because there are some special aroma from the vegetable. The seed is roasted and broke with a stone to get out the outer skin peeled off after which it is then soaked in water to soften the seed. The soaked seed is then washed out of the water and grind into a powder form.
          A pot of water containing beef, stockfish, crayfish, palm oil, seasoning , grinded pepper and some salt to taste ,is placed on fire to heat.
          After twenty five minutes of steaming, the grinded Achi is poured into a clean bowl and add with cold water, then it is stired with a spoon to dissolve completely. Then the dissolved Achi is poured into the pot on fire and you stir. After which you wash in your vegetable into it and allow to cook for fifteen minutes, and your Achi soup is ready. Then you are ready to gobble it down into your determined stomach. You will be so amaze on a journey of swallow that you had embark on. It can go smoothly with any swallow your choice, Eba, Fufu, Pounded yam or semo. Please, if you might consider using fish to beef,  let it be fresh fish aka Eja tutu so as not to loose the taste. Any brand of fish will  go but with Titus you are on adventure to the food land. Note that the fish should be added after the vegetables. The soup will make you swallow until you  are left to be swallowed. Don’t me I love to expatiate, so as for you not to loose the taste and to have a wonderful and splendid meal.
          I love my mum more each time she prepared Achi soup for me. She knew I become a lunatic for some minutes when it comes to Achi soup. I would eat beyond my stomach, overfeeding myself I had no choice, I just love my Achi soup. Why wont you rather give it a try?  

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