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Friday, 17 August 2012


My Sleeping Child
Your world is full of Pleasures
The day you were released out of my womb
Freed me of the nine months adventure
A journey of stress
A cross of survival
An experience of birth
To be divulge with my lips
Into the ears of childless women
My world became the happiest

My Sleeping Child
You prove to them that I am fertile
Destruction of a barren womb
Curses from my mother-in-law
Shame from my enemies
Mockery from humans
Lift me above the skies
You paint faces of confusion
Spread doubt in their mind
A reason to celebrate.

My Sleeping Child
You ironed my marriage
Placated my husband mind
Made him a father
Cajoled his love for me
Teach us to be patient
Made us believe in our creator
Hope came alive
Defeating our years of tears
Calming our nerves
It impresses my soul to see you lie.

My Sleeping Child
You made me a mother
Trudge in the jungle of motherhood
My world of paradise
Conqueror to my plight
My life
My belly of happiness
My lip of praises
A song of lullaby
I’m so proud of you
A tender kiss
I place on your forehead
Sleep well my beloved baby.

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